You Are Ready to Date When… (Part 3)

Looks like being ready to date is quite difficult. It is only difficult if you want to have a good date which has a higher chance of long term success. This is the final part of the series and we will explore 4 other points today.

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#1 You stop comparing others to your partner

This applies only to those who are already in a relationship. Do you always compare your partner to another person, wishing that s/he could be more talkative or patient or understanding.

#2 You are secure

You don’t have to impress your partner all the time for s/he to like you more. Be yourself and keep improving instead of wanting to leave an impression.

Always acting to leave an impression is tiring and fake.

#3 You will be as good as you can, as often as you can

None of us are perfect. There will be times we trip and come short of our best. It is fine.

Do your best in everything that you do. Let this be the motto of your life and constantly seek improvement because the best person in your life deserves the best.

#4 You are ready to blend your life into your partner’s

It is never a question of who should listen and who should lead. For any relationship to work, there must be some form of compromise and sacrifice. This can only happen if you allow yourself to step into your partner’s life.

Think about his/her schedule (work and personal). Step into his/her shoes and think of things which you can help to lighten his/her workload. A simple act of lending a listening ear works wonders.

There you go! We have shared 12 points to help you discover if you are ready to be in a relationship.

Are you ready to be in a relationship?