You Are Ready to Date When… (Part 2)

It is the time of the year where there are a number of gatherings and parties to attend. It is also the time where your friends get to introduce their boyfriend or girlfriend to the group. You talk to one of your friends and you find something to be off.

How can you be more certain that he is not ready to date? Part 1 has 4 points, with more to come in this article.

#1 You do not look for someone to complete you

Your shortcomings will not change if you are looking to change by getting attached to someone. The desire for change and completion need to come from within yourself.

Keep working on your weaknesses and aim to improve every day. Aim to be the ideal person and that will attract someone like-minded.

Looking for someone to complete you is a sure way to a disastrous relationship.

#2 You are ready to accept someone as s/he is

Everyone has a quirky habit. My quirky habit is bringing a book wherever I go. I bring a book when I go out to get food. I bring a book when I go out with my friends. The only place I don’t bring a book to is the restroom.

Find out why reading is essential.

There are many other habits of people. Some talk super fast; some love talking and will not stop until their next appointment; some people need things to be done in a certain way; some others need a lot more personal time.

If you can tolerate and are ready to accept them, then you are ready to be in a relationship.

#3 You want to share your love and positivity with s/he

Whether you are happy or sad, you will want to love and make him/her smile. You will want to encourage him/her when s/he is feeling low.

You will spur him/her on, reminding him/her of his/her dreams. Together, the both of you will scale new heights.

This is the powerful benefit of a healthy and mature relationship. Be this loving and positive person!

#4 You practice self-love

There is a limit to the amount a love a hurt person can dispense. There is a limit for those who are tired as well. You got to know how to love and treat yourself right before you are able to love and treat your partner right.

Start off by knowing what keeps you alive. Block out time to recharge and do the things which keeps you alive. You may go for a walk, get a massage or listen to your favorite songs. As you love yourself through relaxation, you will be able to love others better.

Reflect and discover yourself more. Love yourself more.

Noticed that most of the points mentioned require a lot of understanding yourself, personal growth and character? It is not surprising that these points are quite difficult to achieve.

However, having these qualities will help attract those who have similar qualities in their lives and your relationship will be a lot more fruitful and powerful. After all, we do not live for ourselves. We live for others.

Come back for Part 3!