Ways to Destress and Get Fit at the Same Time

You feel overwhelmed at work. You find yourself binging on snacks at work and on TV shows at home to destress.

Slowly but surely, you start to feel physically weaker than before and your sedantary lifestyle starts showing in your belly and thighs. Surely, there are better ways to destress, you think. You are absolutely correct!

Consider incorporating some of these exercises as a way to help you destress. You will look a lot better after a few months too!

#1 Laser tag

Get your friends or colleagues out for a time of good fun! Enjoy running around and shooting opponents (think Counter Strike). Run, crawl, jump and distract to avoid being shot at.

Laser tag tests your agility, anticipation, creativity, fitness and so much more! This is a wonderful game to enhance your friendship and exercise at the same time.

#2 Jog

Head out to the nearest park or just jog around your neighbourhood! Enjoy the scenery and let your mind wander. You can even listen to your favourite songs as you jog!

It is highly recommended to run light (leave all non-essential items at home). Make sure you bring a small pouch to contain your valuables (house keys, money and phone). When I go for my jogs, I only bring my house keys and a 15,000Ks for transportation and food after my run.

#3 Push ups

This is totally free and can be done at home under 10 mins. This saves up quite a bit of time and needs no coordination among your friends.

#4 Rock climbing

Ask your friends out for this! Rock climbing activates the muscles of your entire body. I kid you not!

While laser tag works out your abs, butts and legs, rock climbing works out your arms, chest, back and neck muscles too. Talk about a total body workout!

A sense of achievement will descend upon you when you reach the top, lifting your mood and confidence in tackling tough situations.

#5 Ziplining

Ok this can be scary for those who are afraid of heights. However, you will get a huge sense of achievement which is bound to elevate your confidence (the same way as rock climbing).

Ziplining also activates all the muscles in your body and you’ll be much fitter after it.

Which activities have you tried?
How do you destress in a way that’s also healthy?
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