Things The Rich And Successful Do. You Can Do It Too! (Part 2)

Did you enjoy Part 1? Tell us what you’ve learnt and started to apply too!

As we can tell, it takes work to become rich and successful. There are many new habits which we must pick up and skills we must learn. Here are 3 more things which we can do!

#1 Invest

Most of us know the importance of saving. In times of emergency such as hospitalization, our savings will help us tide through.

The more important questions are: a) Do you have enough saved up? b) Do you invest?

With inflation rates on the rise, the dollar value of our savings decreases each year. Saving alone is therefore not going to help increase your wealth. The rich understands that investments are necessary to help them grow their money faster.

Hey, hang on! Isn’t investing risky?

A smarter question to ask would be “How can I reduce the risks and protect my investments?” The answer can be found in Points 1 and 3 of Part 1.

In addition, you can learn from successful investors personally or through the Internet! The Internet has made learning so much easier. Search for credible financial articles and mentors.

Here’s a good finance site: Shwedingar
Here’s a good trading coach and mentor: Jay Tun
Hint: Facebook and YouTube are helpful resources too.

#2 Think hard

Growing up, we were taught many beliefs. Some may not be entirely true, while others may have grown irrelevant. Hence, we will need to rethink and question the beliefs that we have once in a while.

“The customer is always right” is one common belief that’s untrue. Customers should not free themselves from all responsibility if the fault clearly lies with the him/her.

To grow and improve, we need to think more and challenge our beliefs. Imagine if Henry Ford stuck to the belief that the fastest mode of land transportation is riding horses – we wouldn’t have automobiles (or maybe not so soon).

#3 Take massive action

Many of us would love to be rich. We prefer to become rich without having to work hard. We fantasize about the lifestyle we would lead along the beach with a beautiful hut.

The rich and successful do fantasize too, but they take massive action to fulfill their dreams. As mentioned in Point 3 of Part 1, rich and successful people take full responsibility for their lives.

Rich and successful people are always busy applying what they have learnt. They know that if they act when others are not, they will have a head start.

They go around searching for answers to their questions, thinking of solutions (eg ways to close a deal, how to make things more efficient and effective, who can be of help), learning something, and making things happen.

We have selected these 6 easy to implement things the rich and successful people do. Which point(s) are you going to apply immediately?
Are you more determined to save more for investments?
What is one faulty or outdated belief that you have been holding on to?
What is one skill or topic you are going to learn?