Things The Rich And Successful Do. You Can Do It Too! (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why some are rich? Are there habits and traits of the rich and successful that we can pick up? The good news is that you can become rich and successful too. Here’s the secret to finding riches and success.

#1 Read

How many hours do you spend watching TV a day? When was the last time you read a good book?

Reading good books is one of the ways the rich and successful invest in themselves. They spend several hours to read and/or listen to audio books each week. According to a study, 65% of the rich listen to audio books as they commute to work.

#2 Get paid based on results

You may be the most hardworking employee at your company; spending a lot of time at work and working on projects. However, the world doesn’t care how much time you spend at work. The world cares about results! People are only interested in how your end result is profitable and good.

Rich people focus on performance and they always strive to achieve the best result in everything they do.

#3 Take responsibility

Remember that when we point at someone or something, there are 3-4 fingers pointing back at us (4 fingers for the Asian way of pointing using our thumb).

Very often, we hear the blaming – it is due to the economy; government; society; my background. Yes, there are many things that are out of our control. There are also many things which we can have more control. How?

We can do so by preparing well. Good preparation includes planning, talking to successful and relevant people, having the best and worst case scenarios well thought out, and the many possible solutions to overcome the anticipated challenges.

The rich and successful don’t play the blame game. They take responsibility for their failures and shortcomings. They work hard to improve their game and change their circumstances.

What is one good book that you will start or continue reading?
How can you become more effective at work and produce greater results?
Who and what have you been blaming?
Challenge yourself to take up more personal responsibility today!