The Top Skills You Need to Get A Good Job (Part 3)

Have you come up with a timetable for this week? Did you add in some time for your family and friends?

Let me share a secret with you. I did not strictly follow my timetable on Sunday. You must be wondering why!

#1 Flexibility

A timetable is good only if it is a little flexible. We are all humans and we need a break. Sometimes, we need a slightly longer break. At other times, something important crops up and needs your immediate attention.

I needed a longer break on Sunday and so I went out for to visit a bookstore. After spending close to 2 hours in the bookstore, I was refreshed. I continued with my tasks on hand with increased productivity.

Flexibility is an important trait which employers look for. At work, flexibility means that you are willing and able to respond and adapt to changing circumstances and challenges.

Flexible employees will never say, “It is not my job!” when they are given a new assignment or challenge. Instead, they will be open to new ideas. They will adapt and respond to the unique demands of new circumstances.

At work, your main purpose is to help your boss to grow his company and earn a salary. Your boss knows what needs to be done to grow his company, so following his instructions will be good for everyone unless the things he wants you to do are illegal or unethical.

#2 Problem solving

You are hired to grow your boss’ company. This also means that you are hired to solve the problems he has.

If you are a receptionist, your boss hired you because he has no time to welcome guests all the time. That’s the problem he has and you are hired to solve it. If you are a clerk, you are hired to prepare and file all paperwork which your boss does not have time for.

Therefore, you need to be good at your job. You need to be able to solve problems at work to be valuable to the company. After all, companies seek to solve problems – a food stall solves the problem of needing to cook your own food.

How can you develop this skill?

With these 7 skills, I am certain that you will go very far in your career. I am also very sure that your boss will appreciate you. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the other skills!