The Top Skills You Need to Get A Good Job (Part 1)

After your final exams and graduation, work life awaits.

Everyone expects you to work, especially your parents. It is time you start contributing to your family financially, reducing the pressure they face. You may even want to get a good job so that you can bring your family for a holiday!

However, you do not have work experience. You do not know or do not have the skills needed. You do not have guidance and you are left feeling lost. We are here for you!

Here are the top skills you will need to have to land a good job.

#1 Have the right perspective about work

Ok, this is not a skill. It is critical to adopt the right mindset before entering the workforce. You may think that it is karma that you are born into a poor or average family, resulting in the need to work hard. It is not. You can work hard to improve your financial situation.

Work can be tough, but it is good for molding your character. Learning from the positive lessons at work helps you to improve and become more successful. Remember that the rich and successful take massive action applying their learning points?

#2 English

English will be widely used in offices where there are expatriates, especially large and foreign companies. The need to understand and communicate in English is essential.

This is especially so when you need to type documents, emails, and coordinate with your English speaking colleagues.

The use of English will be more wide spread as more foreigners visit Myanmar for work and vacation. Foreigners require a wide range of services from hospitality and transportation to pharmaceutical and retail.

If you are not proficient in English, you will lose their business. You will also lose the chance to find out more about the world through them. Who knows? They may be bosses in Myanmar who are looking to hire Burmese who can speak and write English.

Consider New Life Language Centre to improve your English.

#3 Email

You will impress the company you are interested in when you email them your CV instead of sending it through social media or worst still, through snail mail.

Create and use an email address that has your name in it. This is professional and will increase the chances of it being opened.

As Myanmar develops, email will be used more frequently for business and personal agendas. Afterall, sending and email is fast and free. It is an excellent medium for sending documents such as reports and instructions.
You can find a brief introduction to email here.

It is exciting to be in Myanmar. With so many opportunities available, equip yourself with the right skills to get the best job!

We have a bonus for you. Type “Email” in the Comments to get a free email class.

Spread the word and get prepared for working life!