Keeping Your Breath Fresh Helps Attract People. How?

First impression counts at the workplace and events. In addition to looking sharp with a tidy hair cut, having a fresh breath helps. Who likes talking to a person with bad breathe anyway?

Oral hygiene is important. How does it impact your attractiveness?

#1 Network better

Networking is an important aspect in the working world. You get to meet people from different companies and even industries. This is where you may potentially find your next job or good friend. Please don’t scare your future boss or friend away!

Having bad breath usually means that your teeth aren’t properly cleaned. This will lead to gum or tooth decay, causing a loss of tooth or poor looking gums. You are young. People expect to see you with a full set of healthy teeth and gums.

Having fresh breath and good teeth makes you even more attractive. Have you noticed how the teeth of top management and CEOs usually are?

#2 Less frequent toothaches

Cleaning your teeth properly and visiting the dentist every year will save you from needless toothaches.

You won’t have to miss your meetups with your good friends or work meetings due to a sudden toothache. Missing such meetings also means missing an opportunity to shine at work, negatively affecting your work performance. This is definitely not attractive to your boss and your promotion may be delayed for some time. Remember, you want to be productive at work.

Besides, visiting the dentist for a tooth related problem is costly! So do yourself a favor by taking good care of your teeth. Your breath will smell nice and you will thank yourself.

Find out how you can freshen up your breath.
How else is a fresh breath attractive?