How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You (Part 3)

You want to be a lot more certain if your crush likes you. You don’t wish to pour in all your effort only to be rejected when you confess. You surely don’t want to be embarrassed.

We have since explored 9 signs (listed out in Part 1 and Part 2) to tell if your crush likes you. In this last part, we will share about the signs in a more advanced stage of this confusing friendship that you 2 are in.

#1 Confides in you

Who do you share your moments of embarrassment or disappointment with? You’re right – your closest friends. So when your crush starts to confide in you, s/he trusts and likes you.

#2 His/Her friends know about you

Your crush would be telling his/her good friends about you by now. This leads us to the next point…

#3 Wants you to meet his/her good friends

Your crush has already checked you out for a while now and find you trustworthy. S/he is ready to introduce you to his/her group of friends.

Besides, his/her group of friends cannot wait to meet you. Go meet them and have fun!

#4 Friends leave to make space

If you continue to join his/her group of friends and the both of you are left alone somewhere in the outing, this is a very strong signal. Remember – his/her friends know about you? Your crush’s friends would automatically give the both of you more space by leaving halfway or walking further ahead.

If you are in the same group of friends as your crush for an outing, the same applies too.

Does he or she like you?