How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You (Part 2)

Was Part 1 helpful? Here are the 5 signs mentioned in our previous post – Act contradictory, Pays attention to you, Laughs at every joke you crack, Messaging each other frequently, and You’re invited into your crush’s personal space.

Here are more signs that you can spot!

#1 Replies your messages immediately

This is closely linked to Point 4 in Part 1. The exceptions? S/he is playing hard to get or that the person is really busy when you messaged.

#2 Asks if you are single

You’re more certain that this person is interested in you when this question arises.

#3 Makes plans to go out together

After all the messaging, this question is sure to pop out. During the date, you should be all focused and be present instead of looking out for clues if s/he really likes you.

Be natural. Be yourself because you wouldn’t want to feel “cheated” if your date puts up an act too!

#4 Posting and tagging you on social media

You may have only gone out with him/her in a group setting. You may even have just gone out for a date. Suddenly s/he starts tagging you on the things you’d find interesting on social media (think Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

S/he may even start liking and commenting on your social media posts. This is often a very clear sign.

Stay tuned for Part 3!
Which signs has your crush shown?