How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You (Part 1)

You have a crush on a school mate and University is ending soon. You don’t know if s/he likes you. You are frustrated. Are you going to find out before the both of you go your separate ways?

If s/he exhibits a handful of the following signs, you may be on your way to being happily in love!

#1 Act contradictory

Your crush may be loud and extroverted when with his/her friends. But when you’re around, your crush becomes quiet and shy. And if this person is naturally shy, s/he becomes more shy. This could happen when the both of you are in a small group.

#2 Pays attention to you

S/he will pay attention to the things you stop to look at, touch, smell and taste. Yes, how you dress and talk will go into his/her memory too because s/he will be obsessed with you.

#3 Laughs at every joke you crack

Your friends will give you a death stare at the lame jokes you crack, but s/he will definitely laugh at it. S/he is your number 1 supporter.

#4 Messaging each other frequently

Suddenly, there’s one name which constantly remains at the top of every messaging app. You two message each other from day to night and the cycle repeats the next day.

#5 You’re invited into your crush’s personal space

Everyone cherishes his personal space. Intrude it and you will get frowned at. Therefore, when you are allowed to stand or sit closer to your crush than anyone else, this is a BIG positive sign!

Which signs have you noticed so far?
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