How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill?

You are probably worried because the electricity rates has increased. Here are 5 tips to help you save money on your electricity bill so that you won’t get a shock at the end of the month.

#1 Switch off all unnecessary lights

Chances are, you may have more than one fluorescent bulbs in your living room or kitchen. If you do not have guests in the living room, turn on only one light instead of two.

Another example would be switching on all the lights while you are cooking but switching them off once you’re done. In addition, we recommend removing all plugs from the sockets when not in use.

#2 Use more natural light

This may be challenging during the rainy season, however. Open your windows (when the weather permits) or draw your curtains to allow natural light into your place. Natural light is free after all! And, you get to breathe in fresh air!

#3 Reduce the usage of your electronic devices

This tip is especially for those who often visit social media sites or play games on the phone or the computer. The more you use your devices, the more frequently you’ll need to charge them. We aren’t talking about reducing the time we use our devices for work though! Similarly, watching less TV is helpful too.

#4 Use LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the most energy efficient. Besides, they are more durable and brighter. Talk about saving money and protecting your eyes while reading or working on your laptop!

#5 Replace old electrical appliances

If you have very old electrical appliances at home, consider replacing them with new ones. Old appliances are more power hungry. New, energy saving models are now easily available in markets and stores.

Get a new appliance to save electricity and reward yourself at the same time! Purchasing one has never been more convenient.

Which tips will you be applying right away?
What are other methods you use to save electricity?
We look forward to learning with you in the Comments section.