How to Become Who You Want to Be? (Part 7)

You have made it through Part 1 to 6! If you realized, a shift in mindset, the willingness to take action early, learning of useful skills and networking are crucial in becoming who you want to be.

In this last part, I will share 2 skills (communication and leadership) and 2 important mindsets (thinking, speaking and being positive, and investing). You will see impressive results as you practice.

#1 Think, speak and be positive

How do your parents know that you other half has just messaged you? It must be from the smile on your face! Our emotions tend to show on our faces. Hardly anyone can keep a poker face in happy moments.

When you think of positive thoughts, your face will show it. As your face shows it, you will feel happy.

How does this help? When you are always cheerful in your workplace, people will like you. When you approach your colleagues for help, they are more likely to assist and guide you. Who likes to talk or guide a grumpy or sulky person?

Being positive in challenging situations, you will be inclined to search for solutions instead of feeling discouraged and helpless. Remember that problem solving is a must-have at work?
Read Think Positive, Speak Positive, Be Positive.

#2 Communicate clearly

Communication includes body language and words (written and spoken). The ability to articulate clearly is highly advantageous.

A clear message is one where the intended meaning is received as it was sent. Don’t we all have a friend who causes confusion with his/her communication? That’s not what we want. Not your boss either.

The trick to communicating clearly is to know the topic you would like to bring up. Think about what you want to say; think of the main points. Leave out the unnecessary details.

#3 Lead

Leadership is another skill which is relevant in the corporate world and in all other aspects in life.

A good leader is one who can communicate clearly, motivate and inspire others, is competent in his/her industry, is open to feedback and suggestions, has strong moral values and more. As you can tell, it takes a lot to be a good leader.

The good news is that we have experienced great leadership. Who are these good leaders in your life? What do they possess that makes you admire, respect, and what to follow them?

Think of the not so great leaders. What could these leaders have done better? How can you not make the same mistakes as them?

#4 Invest

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” mentioned Warren Buffett, the world’s 3rd richest man.

Investing in yourself is taking good care of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially, spiritually and mentally.

You can do this by attending classes, reading non-fiction books and articles (like ours), talking to older and more well-established people, saving money, and reflecting.

With 28 points laid out in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6, which one will you be working on today?
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