How to Become Who You Want to Be? (Part 5)

As we age, life throws us more challenges. We start to face more difficulties and can choose to either face them or run away. Although running away from problems is the easiest thing to do, does it produce the best outcome?

While facing problems and taking them head on are definitely tough, you are never alone. How?

#1 Have matured and well established friends

Just before I graduated, I spoke to an older friend. She has been working for several years and was able to give me some advice. Her advice provided a direction which I could possibly take. On top of that, she pointed me to a couple of people who could really help me out.

Do you have such a friend? Matured and well established friends have lots of life experience under their belt which may be useful in helping you make decisions.

Such friends are also able to provide great ideas which you have not thought of. They are also able to connect you with resources. #2 Think win-win

Those who have been working for some time will seek for win-win solutions when dealing with a problem or person. People are always more motivated when they get something in return. No, I am not referring to bribery.

You have a problem and want advice. You ask around for help and someone responded by agreeing to meet you. Arrange for a convenient place to meet (preferably near his/her office or home). Pay for his/her meal and drink.

By doing so, that helpful person wins by saving time and money. You win because you got the advice that you needed.

Think of ways to help the other party and the both of you will benefit from the cooperation. That’s how people become successful.

#3 Save money

Your parents and loved ones will grow older as you age. They may face some health challenges which require medication and hospitalization. Medical costs are high, so you need to start saving now.

After saving up for your necessities, you can invest the rest of your savings. An investment is something which has a chance to make you money such as currencies, bonds, businesses, real estate, stocks and more.

Saving money for investments is what the rich does.

Not many of us are born into a rich family. The good news is that there are opportunities to increase our income, thus increasing our savings.

#4 Be healthy

Without health, it is much tougher to do things. Seize the opportunity that you are young and good health to maintain it. Once your health is affected, the road to recovery gets longer as you age. Your older and more matured friends will testify to this.

Sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Drink more water. Cut down on sugar, fried and oily food, and eat fresh.

Exercise everyday, if not at least thrice a week. Exercise is helpful in reducing stress levels. Exercise can also be free!

Staying healthy also means reduced medical costs. You can set aside slightly more money for traveling, your hobbies, business or for your parents.

Growing up as an adult can be pleasant if you have the relevant support. Share your dreams with us and we will do our best to guide you.

We have shared 15 points on how you can become who you want to be in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Come back on Tuesday to find out more!