How to Become Who You Want to Be? (Part 4)

No one lives in a vacuum. Each one of us are part of an environment. There are many people who will affect your behavior and mentality; there are many factors which will affect your behavior and mentality.

Can you control or change your environment which will help you achieve your ambitions? Let’s discover!

#1 Let go of toxic people

While there are people you will meet who will help you in life, there will also be those who will not. These people do not encourage you to fulfill your ambitions. They may not be insecure, jealous or lazy. They may actually care for you, so much so that they want to protect you from all possible challenges and hardship.

It is tough especially when they are your loved ones. You struggle because you want them to be happy and not to worry about you. On the other hand, you want to realize your dreams and you know that the only way is to work very hard.

I suggest you have a talk with your loved ones, letting them know that you appreciate their care and concern. Share that you are working so hard because you love them; you want to improve their lives.

Gently let them know that the world is changing rapidly and self-improvement is helpful to your career and the country that we all love – Myanmar.

Learn to identify toxic people in Point 2 of this article.

#2 Ignore your critics

When you have a goal in mind, critics will appear. They will tell you of the failures of people they know. They may even share about their personal experiences to dissuade you.

Some may even try to belittle you, saying that you are not good enough.

Critics are everywhere. As long as you take a stand, you will have critics. The important thing is to think clearly and believe in yourself.

Think of the context. How different is the past from the present, really? What were the mistakes and missteps of the person who failed in attaining his goals? How do you view failure – do you view it as a learning opportunity or embarrassment?

#3 Adopt a never-say-die attitude

Once you have fixed your mind about your goals, adopt a never-say-die attitude. You must be willing to pay the price and do whatever it takes (as long as the methods are ethically, morally and legally right).

Work is tiring. I work long hours in my day job. Most of the times, I am exhausted in the evening. Knowing that I needed to improve myself, I made it a point to read, listen and watch useful content. Over time, I had gained a business insights and knowledge that I was more confident in setting up a business and operate it.

Today, as my business is doing fine, I still read, listen and watch helpful content in the evening.

It took Jackie Chan 14 years to become successful in acting! Highly successful people possess this attitude. Persistence will pay off handsomely.

#4 Be adventurous

Being open to new experiences is a must. If you have always been experiencing life the same way, it is no wonder if your life remains the same.

Raise your hand and volunteer for that job posting outside of Yangon (better still, outside of Myanmar). You will experience a new culture. You will see things from a different perspective.

Being away from home will increase your hunger to learn and understand the different cultures. You will start to think of opportunities which you may want to introduce to that foreign market. You will also think of what you can do differently or bring in to Myanmar.

Oh, adventures make good stories!

These are just a handful of things in our environment which we have control of. Learn to identify toxic people and critics. Adopt a never-say-die attitude and a spirit of adventure.

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