How to Become Who You Want to Be? (Part 1)

You are an entry level executive in a company. You want to master English and get promoted this year. You want to be a manager in 2 year’s time. You want to bring your family to Singapore for a holiday in 3 year’s time.

You are a budding craftsman. You want to master the strokes and techniques in 2 year’s time. You want to come up with your own designs and sell them in 3 year’s time.

You are a young musician. You aim to create videos of your music rendition in 2 year’s time. You want to be a YouTube star in 3 years.

How do you become who you want to be?

#1 Be humble

Allow your superiors and more well-established friends to coach you. Learn from them as much as you can. Ask for feedback (see Point 4 in this article).

Even when you have more experience in the domain, stay humble.

No one likes a proud person.

#2 Be open minded

For most things, there are multiple ways of doing things to get the same result. Have an open mind and be flexible.

Stay humble and listen to the solutions your colleagues propose. They may have a better solution or you can take the good parts of their suggestion and combine them with the good parts of yours. You will have a better solution that is more complete!

#3 Watch less TV

Did you know that the most successful people watch less than 1 hour of TV every day? Most things on TV are fictitious and not beneficial. Besides, watching TV is tiring to the eyes.

But what if you need to watch TV for entertainment? Sure! Get some work done, watch TV and then get back to working on improving yourself. Be strategic about this. This brings us to the next point.

#4 Watch useful videos

Being strategic means planning and scheduling TV time. Since watching TV is mainly for entertainment, why not watch a useful video such as documentaries on how things are made, how things work, and biographies of successful people (think Mark Zuckerberg, Rihanna and Jackie Chan) or video tutorials on English?

I watch documentaries to understand the past, present and catch a glimpse of the future. Understanding the past, present and future is important as I learn to spot trends and opportunities. This helps me to prepare myself for opportunities that may arise and think bigger.

Hal Elrod once mentioned:

You are where you are because of who you were. But where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.

Choose to be successful. Choose to be better.
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