How to Be the Star in Your Workplace (Part 1)

We are young. 99% of us start right at the bottom of the company – filing papers, making coffee, preparing meeting rooms and more. Yes, these tasks are boring. I have gone through this. However, it is in the small tasks that your attitude shouts the loudest.

As a young and junior employee, it is very important to focus on your personal growth and become a great asset. Let’s discover how you can be a star in your workplace.

#1 Come in early

It is a good idea to reach office before your boss arrives. It is a good idea to reach even before your colleagues do. You can take the time to read a motivational quote, self-improvement article or review your to-do-list.
Did you know that having a to-do-list increases your productivity?

With a hot drink in your hand, you can also rehearse your day in your mind or think of solutions to a problem you face. Since you are early and there is no one around, you will be able to focus a lot better.

#2 Learn how to prioritize

We often have a ton of work that needs to get done. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and feel helpless. The solution? Prioritizing.

Prioritizing will help you know which tasks to complete first and put all your focus on that task before moving to another. How does it work?

Trust me, everything will seem to be urgent AND important. It takes practice and some thinking. You will soon get the hang of it.

Comment “Help” if you have questions or need more examples.

#3 Give 100% all the time

Even when you are asked to wash the toilets or sweep the floor. Nothing is too small not to give your all.
We can learn this from Mark Zuckerberg in Point 3.

Excellence is what employers look for. Your superior and boss will notice your effort. They will begin to see you as a valuable asset to the company. Guess whose name will be at the top of their minds when opportunities come? Yours.

Stars are not born overnight; you need to be hardworking and do things with your heart and soul.

#4 Stay calm

There will be hiccups at work. Tempers will flare and you will be blamed for something which you were not involved in. Keep your cool. Keep your raw emotions in check.

xcuse yourself to the restroom and think of the possible causes and solutions. How can you defuse the tense environment? How can you save the face of your superiors and colleagues?

Stars stay calm in tense situations and provide solutions.

#5 Speak up

I understand that this is a big challenge for most Asians. Since young, we were taught to obey, to respect and not talk back to those who are older or more senior at work. While we respect our seniors, we need to speak up to improve things. The key is to be tactful and respectful.

Your boss will appreciate your honest feedback if it is delivered in a polite manner. It is his interest to grow the company. It is the responsibility of every employee to help him grow the company. Hence, you need to voice out when there is a problem and help solve it. Of course, you need to choose the right time and place.

Work on these 4 points in the coming days before we unveil more ways you can become a star in your workplace.