How Can I Accomplish More This Year? (Part 3)

With the world in our hands through our smart phones, we are able to search for almost any thing we want. We are able to stay connected with world events, gossip, social media updates and a whole lot more.

Everywhere we go, we see colorful advertisements and items. Everything wants your time and attention. Here is the million dollar question – what is worth of your time and attention?

The ability to focus coupled with great discipline and good time management can produce incredible results.

Recall your exams period and how you studied for them. You would wake up and start studying after breakfast. You would study in your room or somewhere quiet. You would not allow interruptions. That is focus (of course with the determination to score good grades).

How can you stay focused in the workplace and while pursuing your goals?

#1 Take a shower

Use the shower rooms in your office when you are feeling tired or drained. If your office does not have this facility, washing your face does wonders too.

A shower never fails to wake anyone up. This is one of the main reasons all of us shower in the evening when we return from work or school.

#2 Turn on the fan or air conditioner

No one has really flourished or done great things when it is so hot and humid, or cold and chilly.

Studies have shown that we work best in temperatures between 21 and 25 degree celsius. I know that the weather in Myanmar and the rest of South-east Asia is usually way hotter than that. Hence you need to do yourself a favor by switching on the fan or air conditioner.

If it is cooling enough (like in Dec and Jan), leave them switched off to save electricity and money.

#3 Turn off all non-helpful notifications

Think of which apps are helpful in pushing you towards your goals. Allow notifications only from these apps. Switching off the notifications from social media apps, news apps, gossip apps, sports apps will help you greatly (see Point 4 of this article).

There is a way to get important posts and updates from Facebook even if you turn off all notifications from Facebook. Comment “Facebook” to find out how.

What about notifications of chats? You can turn off the notifications from group chats. Only allow the more important group chats to send you notifications.

#4 Jot down your goals and tasks

What does not get written gets forgotten. Write down the goals you want to achieve for year. Break these goals down to smaller goals which can be achieved in weeks or months. Plan and spread them out across the year.

Only when you have done so, proceed to think and plan for the tasks you need to complete for the day and week. Always start with the end in mind and work backwards.

Refer to this to-do list to remain focused. Tick off the tasks you have completed and you will get a sense of achievement, motivating you to do more the next day.

What new habits have you been practicing in 2020 so far?
Which of these do you need to work on – discipline, time management, or focus?