Easily Increase Your Productivity With These Tips (Part 3)

In Part 1, we discussed about a healthy lifestyle and the use of commuting to boost our productivity.

In Part 2, we explored how we can stay focused in office. In Part 3, we will share more tips to increase our productivity in office with a bonus suggestion.

#1 Follow the 2 min rule

Now that you have listed out the things you need to do, it’s time to tackle them one at a time. Which task do you start with? For some people, it would be the hardest one. We will talk about this in Part 4.

Some of us may do better if we start off with the easy tasks first. If something can be done in 2 mins (or even 5 mins), do that first. This will help us tick off the item on our list, which gives us a sense of achievement. This small victory will propel us to want to accomplish more.

#2 Bring a notebook and pen at all times

Things can get extremely busy in the office (and sometimes when you’re out). How do you keep track of your work – such as the last sales conversation you had over the phone, remember what you need to highlight in the next meeting?

Enter the notebook and pen. This has been the most trusted method for centuries!

Take notes and review them towards the end of the workday. Things that aren’t listed aren’t remembered.

#3 Minimize interruptions

This includes turning off the notifications of apps in your phone. However, there are many more ways we can get interrupted and distracted while at work.

Interruptions could come in the form of noise – traffic and honking, arguments between colleagues etc. The biggest of them all is being asked to run errands while you are working on something else.

One solution is to get requests of errands and instructions sent in email. That way, you can continue to work on the task at hand and only check your email when you are taking a break.

Bonus suggestion: Work outside of office

If your work doesn’t need you to be in office all the time, you can check with your boss whether you can work from home or somewhere conducive.

With cloud computing and Wifi, a fair bit of office work can be done away from office. If your boss agrees to let you work from home, that will save you a lot of commute time (think 1.5 hours everyday).

You are free to exercise whenever you want to stay fit and healthy too! A disclaimer: Make sure you complete your work on time!

Remember that we want to increase our productivity to help our boss and ourselves. If we do not add value to the company, it is very easy for us to get replaced.

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