Easily Increase Your Productivity With These Tips (Part 2)

We are living in a time where manpower is abundant, but jobs are scarce. There are so many people who can probably do as well as us or even better in our workplace. This is the reason we must constantly improve.

What is one immediate area which you improve? Productivity. In this part, you will find out exactly how to succeed in your office by getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

You are strongly encouraged to read Part 1 because starting the day right is going to help.

#1 Take short breaks regularly

Taking a short break regularly (eg. every hour) helps keep you refreshed. The more refreshed you are, the happier you are resulting in boosting your productivity.

A short break (~5 mins) can come in the form of heading to the restroom, taking a walk downstairs, browsing social media sites, getting a drink in the pantry, or simply looking away from your desk.

Your eyes will be kept healthy and protected too!

#2 Drink more water

Water is essential in keeping our organs healthy. Water is also needed to cleanse our body of toxins. With a healthy body, our mind will be sharper. Hence, drinking more water will help us stay on top of our game.

Oh, did you also know that water can help you lose weight?

#3 Decorate your desk

Who likes a boring desk? I have a small fish tank next to my desk. I look at the fishes whenever I take a break and it reduces my stress level.

You may place some photos of your loved ones or grow a flower! Get creative and make your desk unique to improve your productivity.

#4 Turn off notifications

We don’t need notifications from all the apps on our phone. Turning off all the notifications on our phone (excepts for calls and messaging apps) will help keep us focussed, save us from having to always charge our devices (which in turn saves us money), and reduce our stress tremendously (think of your phone which vibrates at least 10 times while you’re in a meeting due to news or social media notifications).

Which productivity tip will you implement today?
Stay tuned to Part 3.