Easily Increase Your Productivity With These Tips (Part 1)

Work is piling up. The deadlines are looming as each day passes. You need help. You need a miracle.

You do not need to suffer anymore by following these 4 tips.

#1 Sleep and wake up at the same time daily

“Monday blues” will soon be a thing of the past after establishing a fixed time to sleep and wake up (even on weekends and public holidays). Your body and mind will be in a better condition as compared to the other person who doesn’t follow this tip.

#2 Eat healthy

Food is fuel to the body. When we consume the required nutrients, our mind becomes more alert and creative, resulting in an increase in the quality and quantity of work done.

Besides, fresh and healthy food boosts our immune system. You won’t fall sick so easily and your boss will love you more. You may even ask for a raise since you are able to produce better results. Did you know that the rich and successful get paid based on results?

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#3 Take advantage of your commute time

How many minutes do you spend commuting to office and back each day? Most Burmese spend 1.5 hours commuting each day. That’s a whopping 7.5 hours every week (just on weekdays).

There are so many things which you can possibly do while you are on the bus or taxi – rest, think, read, reply emails, or even write your to-do-list for the day!

#4 Write out a to-do-list daily

Having a to-do-list helps keep us focussed. Without a clear plan of what we would like to achieve, it is easy to spend time aimlessly. Yes, time alone is sacred. However there needs to be a limit for you to attain success at work, which will increase your chance of a promotion or a larger bonus!

This is even more crucial if you would like to set up a business to supplement your income.

Which points will you be applying today?