6 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes

Our eyes are one of the most delicate organs and they can be easily protected. Here are 6 things that should be part of your daily routine.

#1 Avoid rubbing your eyes

Our hands are constantly exposed to dust and bacteria and all these can be easily transferred to our eyes each time we touch or rub them.

If your eye is itchy, use eye drops. Make sure you follow the instructions that is found on the label. Alternatively, you can use a wet wipe to clean your hands before using water to wash your eye.

#2 Practice frequent hand washing

Wash your hands regularly to keep bacteria at bay and prevent them from getting in contact with your eyes, spectacles, and contact lenses.

Wash your hands before you put on your spectacles or contact lenses too.

#3 Protect your eyes from the sun

Here’s one good reason to go shopping for sunglasses! UV rays and the amount of light from the sun are harmful to our eyes. Hence, it is best to get lenses that have UV protection for your new sunglasses.

If you are bespectacled, choose transition lenses. Transition lenses will darken in the presence of UV rays.

#4 Maintain proper monitor distance and room lighting

Computer monitors should be positioned about an arm’s length away from the eyes and 20 degrees below eye level.

Make sure that you have sufficient but diffused lighting in your room. Focused and strong lights will stress your eyes. Lower the level of brightness of your computer’s screen to further protect them.

#5 Observe the 20-20-20 rule

Repeat after me: “20, 20, 20”. If you want to keep your eyes in great shape, you should adhere to the 20-20-20 rule, which states that:

  • Take a break from your computer screen every 20 mins and look at something that’s 20 feet away.
  • Blink 20 times to prevent eye dryness.
  • Leave your seat and walk for 20 steps (preferably to the pantry for a glass of water) every 20 min. In addition to protecting your vision, doing so promotes proper posture, blood circulation throughout the body, and helps you stay slim.

#6 Get enough sleep

After a day of hard work in the office or outside, our eyes deserve to rest. Treat yourself to sleeping more. You will have a clearer mind and better vision which will increase productivity.

Having a better vision helps with increasing our work performance which in turn may lead to a larger bonus or the promotion which we have always been looking forward to. So, invest in your eyes and take good care of them.

Which point will you apply?
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