5 Things Happy People Do Every Morning

Have you noticed that on the days you wake up grumpy, the rest of your day is pretty negative? It is important to start the day right. The way you start your day can make or break the rest of your day.

Did you know that you can be happier by practicing the following habits?

#1 Drink a big glass of water

Our body is like a machine. It needs to be well fed and lubricated like a machine.

After sleeping for 8 hours at night, your body lacks the water intake it needs to function well. If you have woken up with a headache, this is probably the reason why!

Water helps boost your metabolism rate as well, improving your digestion throughout the day. Oh by the way, water can help you slim down too!

#2 Avoid technology in the first hour

I know what you do the moment you wake up. You check your phone.

The moment you pick up your phone, you get distracted and waste precious time. Imagine seeing two or three emails from your boss the moment you open your eyes? There is a high chance you will panic.

What about visiting social media sites the moment you wake up? You will get distracted from what you really need to do – get ready for work and prepare your mind for the day. You don’t want to start your day in shock or in a distracted mode.

#3 Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is made up of 2 words – “break” and “fast”. Food is also fuel for the body. After 8 hours, it is time to break fast. A healthy breakfast is your initial fuel for the day. Consume some fruits and vegetables.

Accompany your meal with a glass of milk or fruit juice. Avoid that cup of coffee.

Chew your food well and eat slowly for optimal digestion.

#4 Personal time

It is important to have your personal time at the start of each day. This helps you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

Do something which helps you. Do something which you like. This includes reading, listening to music, a motivational talk, meditation, stretching and more.

If you enjoy reading, read a chapter or an article. Did you know that reading helps you to shine bright in the workplace? You don’t necessarily have to carve time out for it since you can read while you are having your breakfast or commuting.

You could also start the day by thinking how you would like it to turn out and what you would like to accomplish. Writing down to-do-list for the day will help you achieve more throughout the day.

#5 Get some sunlight

Our body relies on natural sunlight and darkness to keep us healthy. Research states that humans should get some sunlight between 8am and noon. Without sufficient sunlight at the appropriate time of the day, our body is affected via the premature slowing of metabolism rate, leading to weight gain.

So while you are having breakfast, roll up the blinds or open the windows. You will not only get natural sunlight but also fresh air. If doing so will wake your family members, go out for a short walk or alight a bus stop earlier and walk to work.

These habits are easy to form and do not take up much time. Practice them regularly and your stress and anxiety levels will decrease while your productivity will increase.