5 Fun Things You Can Do At Home

With the spread of COVID-19 to more countries and more deaths happening daily, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised people to stay away from crowds. The best place to be is home.

However, staying home all day may be a HUGE challenge especially if you are outgoing and extroverted! We have some interesting activities you can do at home and you will not want time to pass so quickly.

#1 Play games

Don’t we all love playing games? What are your childhood games which you enjoyed but have not played for a long while? This is the best time to relive your childhood!

Games such as dominoes, Uno, Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly and charades are fun! Even if you don’t have these games at home, you can probably play them on your mobile phone. Get your family members or neighbours to play together.

Scrabble is excellent for improving your English. Don’t worry about not knowing the correct spelling of many words. You can always check the spelling on Merriam-Webster’s dictionary app or Google.

Charades is a classic game which keeps everyone deeply involved. Here is how to play it:

  • Each member contributes by writing words on pieces of paper
  • Mix all the papers
  • One person picks a piece of paper
  • The person is to act out what’s written for the rest to guess

Oh! You may want to record this on video and have share it with your friends. I am sure it will be memorable.

#2 Photoshoot sessions

One of the nicest memories I have is having a photoshoot session with my roommates at our dormitory in school. We turned our small room into a photo studio. We felt like celebrities.

All you need is a clean wall and the fun can begin! Shift some furniture and clean the wall (cleaning helps prevent COVID-19 and a host of other illnesses).

Gather some props and dress up in funny costumes or outfits and have fun snapping away! Photos are perfect in capturing precious moments.

You may find your next profile picture for social media from this photoshoot!

#3 Movie marathon

Pick a few movies your family or friends would enjoy. Reserve one evening to watch the movie together. You can ask your friends to bring some snacks to share.

If you want to make it more fun, set a theme for the movie night. For example, horror night!

Find a few horror movies to watch. Ask your friends to wear black or dress spookily. If you want to be really creative, find props that go with the movie and set them out. Make sure you switch off the light for movie.

#4 Start a garden

If you love plants, growing them at home will put a smile on your face. You can grow your favorite plants in your front yard or backyard.

Don’t have outdoor space at home? No worries! There are many small plants which you can keep in your living room. Small plants such as bonsai and cactus are cute and can be placed on shelves.

Don’t have a pot at home? Try recycling your used cups or bulbs as pots for your small plants. Remember to stick the base of the innovative pot tightly to your table or hang it on the wall well. Make a few of them and decorate your house!

Your house will look nicer and you get fresher air in the day. Avoid placing too many plants in your bedroom as you won’t have them to compete for oxygen with you at night.

You can use the plants as props or place them at the background for your photoshoot too (see Point 2).

#5 Exercise

Learn new ways of stretching, exercising, or even yoga on the Internet! With YouTube, you can learn almost anything and everything.

Stay fit and healthy and build up your immunity which is especially more pressing in this period of time. Start from basic and learn slowly.

These five things are simple but fun and powerful. By doing them, you will experience personal growth, meaningful interactions, form stronger bonds with each other. Which one will you try first?