4 Powerful Lessons From Jackie Chan That Will Bring You Success

Mention his name and everyone will identify him as a stuntman and actor. Was he famous from the first day of his acting career? No.

Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong. His parents were refugees of China during the Chinese Civil War. He failed his exams and left school. He went through a lot more before becoming so successful.

What made him so successful?

#1 Discipline

Jackie was enrolled into Chinese Drama Academy after leaving school. As a young boy, he was full of energy. He could not sit still.

The years he spent in the Chinese Drama Academy were tough. The academy had tough and strict rules. Harsh punishment was issued whenever a rule was broken or when a stance was not executed well. Jackie had been punished many times. It was in the academy where he learnt about discipline and hard work.

He sleeps and wakes up early even after graduation, having understood that discipline brings success.

Discover how discipline can help you achieve a lot more.

#2 Fortitude

He found little success in the 1st 14 years of his acting career. 14 years! He did not give up. He kept learning and trying.

He tried out acting in America. As an Asian, it was an uphill challenge given that he could not speak and understand English. The taste of the Western part of the world was also very different from the preference of his Asian audience. He overcame the odds and found great success after years.

Jackie can now speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German, Spanish, Korean and Thai.

Overcoming your struggles make you stronger.

#3 Adapt and change

No success lasts forever. Jackie knew this and made changes to the way he does stunts. He started employing effects and wires.

As he was ageing, he began to voice characters in movies. He voiced Master Monkey in Kungfu Panda.

He has been moving towards advising, producing and directing movies. Rihanna had to reinvent herself over the years to stay successful too!

#4 Be thankful

Having gone through a difficult childhood and being thankful for the chances people had given him early in life, Jackie has been participating in charity. He has been donating large amounts of money to many charity organizations, especially to education institutions.

He is grateful for everything in his life that he seeks to be a role model to children by requesting his speech in movies to be clean. He also only accepts roles that portray good values and character.

Success requires one to work hard, have discipline, always learn and try, know when to change and adapt to changes, and always be grateful for your life experiences and people around you.

Which of the 4 pointers are you already practicing?

Which do you need to work on more?